Marriage Prayer

Everyone try to become happy in their marriage or couple life. to become happy they also need to learn some conditions and commitments . below is some prayer and commitments you may follow :

Marriage Prayer:

1. Wish Long live together.

2. Happy, charming every moment

3. love forever

4. to become most happiest and successful couple.

5. Always good to each other

6. hard work together

7. play vital rules to our society and human being.

8. Honest, simple, trusty, laborious, energetic, and confident

9. believe our religion, pray for each other, develop moral knowledge.

10. raise and adopt our children with proper education and give them beautiful suitable environment.

Marriage Commitments:

1. Respect each other ( customs, culture, society, career, behavior, hobby, relatives, foods).

2. Always good and flexible to each other.

3. Share the house work

4. Find way to minimize the conflict, temper and sadness.

5. Share our dreams, knowledge, ideas, plan together. agree on joint financial goals, review these regularly, share career development each other.

6. Plan our career and life roadmap together

7. Take good care of health and daily life.

8. Enlarge our knowledge with proper education, always find best way to cement our relationship.

9. Discuss our daily life problems and find a way to overcome it.

10. always try for clean heart , clean environment, clean house, clean cloths.


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